Monday, March 19, 2007

Welcome to the ELANNites Webring!

Here's the overview and the rules for the webring, such as they are:

  1. Ring members are Elann customers but, aside from that fact, this ring is NOT associated with or connected to in any way. The only goal is to connect Elann customer bloggers in a more efficient, less time-consuming way than we have been doing.
  2. The ring code MUST be visible on your blog or webpage. You access the ring code info when you join the webring, clicking on the "Join" link in the sidebar. I will also have Ringsurf email you the code. Here's why this is the most important rule: all the eager anticipation and simplicity of circling through a webring is eliminated when you click "next" and that next blog has no freaking ring code. It's akin to a pleasant journey on a lovely highway and then for no explicable reason hitting a dead end; you cannot pass and the only way to resume your formerly pleasant ride is to turn around and go back home.
  3. The goal here is to talk and network about knitting, related fiber arts and your life, not to be deluged with unrelated & onerous sales pitches, spam, ugliness, rudeness, extreme politics or any other topic/language that would enable others in the cyber world to roll their eyes at us and say, "Don't mind those fools, they're knitters and they buy yarn via mail order!" Please behave as your mama taught you, except, feel free to gossip about your family, neighbors and coworkers whenever possible.
  4. Please find the time when you can to welcome new members. There is nothing like a few unexpected comments on your blog to cheer on a "quiet" knitter's efforts.

If you have another button you'd like to submit, please do so and I'll put it up. Buttons are good; choices are good.

Welcome, friends, and join the club. Click the Join button over in the sidebar.